KILL patients just before first COVID lockdown;

Government told doctors to KILL patients just before first COVID lockdown: “I watched as this happened”

Eand veteran pharmacist with more than three decades of experience working for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) says doctors in Britain were told to roll out “just-in-case” lethal drugs after they had learned that a new disease for which there was no treatment — that disease would later be called the COVID-19 virus — had “escaped” from China, writes Ethan Huff .

Graham Atkinson, also a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, decided to leave his profession in October 2021 after seeing what his country’s government did by ordering doctors to essentially kill patients with drugs such as midazolam.

“I watched as this happened,” Atkinson recalls of the horrors he witnessed with his own eyes during that time.

Based on the assumption that there would be outbreaks of the then new disease in care homes just before the first lockdown in early March 2020, midazolam and other “just-in-case” drugs were administered to deliberately end the lives of potentially infected patients .

“A lot of things changed nationally in early March,” Atkinson added. “The rules for death certificates were changed. The cremation rules were changed and the NICE guidelines.”

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Do you have a patient with COVID? Just kill him

One of the most significant changes Atkinson observed was the NICE NG163 guideline, which was changed to allow people who tested “positive” for COVID to “die more comfortably” with “a good death.”

“The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (‘NICE’) is a non-departmental government body, sponsored by the UK Department of Health and Social Care (‘DHSC’),” The Exposé explains of the group behind the changes.

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“It is an agency of the National Health Service (‘NHS’) and develops guidelines and recommendations on the effectiveness of treatments and medical procedures.”

On October 13, 2020, later in the year, NG163 was replaced by NG161, although an archived copy of the former is available on the Wayback Machine .

The “just-in-case” drugs that British doctors had to administer to their “COVID-infected” patients are designed to reduce breathing and render the patient unconscious – “and then there are drugs to reduce your fear of that, Atkinson explained.

“There are five medications used that are commonly referred to as the ‘just-in-case’ medications,” Atkinson further said.

“For years these have been used for cancer patients or perhaps someone with COPD, a respiratory disease, who … have difficulty breathing, causing them to become very short of breath just before death. So there are medications to help them feel less anxious because they can’t breathe, medications to reduce their pain, medications to relax them and midazolam, as we know, takes away your consciousness.”

When used together, in other words, these five drugs actually allow the patient to be euthanized and killed in a more peaceful manner.

“It will quickly bring you to your last days because your last days are expected,” Atkinson continued.

All of this was based on the lie that there were no viable treatments for the new disease, which the world would later learn was not the case. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and other agents actually helped many patients who thought they had COVID recover without any problems.

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“We know now that none of this is true, but what was said to doctors at the time was that this was a new, novel disease,” Atkinson said. “Because this was the time when people were being put on ventilators and dying rapidly all over the world. We all saw it on TV.”

The COVID “pandemic” will likely go down in history as the worst secret genocide ever.

BRON; Frontnieuws, febr. 2024