Spain is the 9th country to take the health minister to court, asking for PROOF that the COVID-19 virus exists. However, all health ministers FAILED to come up with the evidence because the virus DOES NOT EXIST.

The Spanish health minister didn’t even attend the hearing. Instead, the minister sent a letter explaining that NO EVIDENCE for the virus’s existence can be found.

It’s easy to understand why no politician can ever show the proof: COVID-19 was PATENTED years ago after being manufactured in a lab.

In other words, COVID-19 is a BIOWEAPON. That breaks global BIOLOGICAL WEAPON TREATIES and the Nuremberg Code.

Any government official who shows evidence that the virus was PATENTED years ago will ADMIT that GENOCIDE is occurring worldwide. ALL involved in this EVIL, nasty business will then have to be ARRESTED. They will go to Nuremberg-type trials and will NOT COME OUT ALIVE IF FOUND GUILTY.

Those involved are the big pharmaceutical companies, asset management companies, politicians, doctors, nurses, teachers, and anyone else pushing the Covid narrative such as the New World Order promoters.

Spanish High Court Evidence

Since the virus is now PROVEN NOT TO EXIST, then ask these questions:

  • Why the masks?
  • Why the social distancing?
  • Why the lockdowns?
  • What’s in the jabs?
  • Why the furlough?
  • Why the police brutality?
  • Why the government mandates?

Australia now has its health minister going to court over there on this same issue. But, again, no proof will be given.

The nasty thing about these court cases is that the presstitute, scamming, lying, deep state-owned mainstream media refuses to report them. As a result, the owners and bosses of those EVIL outfits – CNN, MSNBC, FOX, BBC, ABC, Spanish TV, etc., and ALL newspaper bosses and editors – will also be CHARGED with GENOCIDE.

This is it, folks. Judgment day is coming for these evil bastards.