Climate change whiners aren’t just idiots. FRONTNIEUWS

Dr. Coleman: Climate change whiners aren’t just idiots – they’re psychopaths and murderers.

In Africa today about 140 million people die of starvation. Every 30 seconds someone dies of starvation. This is not an accidental humanitarian crisis.

It’s not a result of climate change or global warming or any other made-up bullshit, writes Dr. Vernon Coleman .

It is a result of a deliberate, inhumane policy deliberately designed to slaughter millions of people and reduce the world’s population.

I have warned repeatedly since June 13, 2020 that this would happen – that was almost three years ago. View my website articles and videos.

My book Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History contains the transcripts of my videos from the first few months (all banned by the evil YouTube). The word “starvation” occurs 15 times in that book.

It was always going to happen.

The utterly pointless and deadly lockdowns, the collapse of global supply chains, the disruption of transportation, the absurd attacks on the use of fossil fuels and the deliberately staged war between NATO and Russia have all contributed to the problem.

World famous war criminals like Biden, Sunak, Trudeau et al should all take the blame. They are responsible for the 140 million people who die of starvation.

And the climate change psychopaths (I promote them all from mere “crazy ones”) who are so vociferously campaigning for the Great Reset are also responsible.

Anyone who supports Ukraine, anyone who attacks the use of fossil fuels, anyone who whines about nonexistent climate change, anyone who campaigns for the Great Reset and the New World Order is a mass murderer. All those arrogant, self-righteous Greens with their plastic sandals and cotton T-shirts with stupid slogans are killers.

Reiner Fuellmich: “Our oppressors are very frightened people”


It has been painfully obvious for years that this would happen.

The imposition of sanctions against Russia was deliberately intended to drive up energy prices. Biden, Sunak, Trudeau, etc. must have known that this would lead to mass starvation in Africa – where food and fuel became prohibitively expensive. I predicted it would happen, so they must have known.

And now the people responsible for this manufactured crisis will act like they care. They’ll cry crocodile tears, chip in, and think they’ve done their part.

May the evil politicians and the climate change psychopaths and the pretentious Greens and the lunatics who support the war in Ukraine all rot in hell.

And where are the Black Lives Matter campaigners and supporters? I have repeatedly said that they should be concerned about the fabricated genocide in Africa. But all they seem to care about is knocking down statues and kneeling on football fields.

Their deliberate, cold-blooded policies and campaigns are responsible for all those deaths.

In the time it has taken you to read this, three more people have died of starvation.

It wasn’t an accident or bad luck.

It was murder.

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